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We Are Hiring!

Where Quality Meets Opportunity. At Drake, we've cultivated a workplace that thrives on positivity, innovation, and a shared commitment to delivering quality work. With many years as an employer on Prince Edward Island, we've become an integral part of the community. As you step into our team, you'll not only find a supportive environment but also a platform to contribute to our legacy of excellence. Join us in shaping the future of Drake and your own career.

Drake has manufacturing positions available for hire. 


  •  Drill, 
  • Cutting, 
  • Measuring,
  • Fastening, 
  • Insulating, 
  • Wiring, and 
  • Related duties.


  • Welding of steel and/or aluminum, and related duties. 
  • Welding certification not required.

Hours available: Full time of 40 hours per week. Flexible time will be considered. Benefit packages available.

To Apply: Send resume or email to or call 902-651-2782 

"We wanted a tough trailer that would last... and that's what we got!"
- Tony Boek
Hydraulic Power Plus