Lift Gates

Lift Gates

Explore our diverse range of customizable Lift Gates to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer Tuck-Under, Cantilever, or Rail-Lift configurations, our lift gates are designed for seamless loading and unloading, making operations a breeze. Prioritizing safety, ease, and productivity for drivers, Drake custom builds the reframe with heavy-duty stainless steel, ensuring compatibility with any liftgate model. Every rear frame equipped with a liftgate at Drake receives a custom 7-gauge rear sill reinforcement, emphasizing our commitment to toughness and longevity. Trust Drake, the liftgate experts, for solutions tailored to your requirements.


At Drake, we specialize in liftgates. Our expertise extends across a diverse range of industries, including retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, and more.

Discover for yourself the transformative impact our lift gates have on the movement of goods. Experience unparalleled safety and efficiency that redefine industry standards!

Lift Gate Suppliers

As a distributor of industry leading lift gate suppliers, we are proud to offer installation, repair, and replacement services. Take a look at our suppliers' websites and take note of the part number for any model you are interested in. Lift gate parts available to ship anywhere in North America!

As the primary Atlantic Distributor of Maxon products we stock a significant inventory of Maxon parts at all times. 

Maxon Lift Gates
Waltco Lift Gates
Layman Lift Gates
"We wanted a tough trailer that would last... and that's what we got!"
- Tony Boek
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