Drake builds a stronger truck body than any other!

Durability Makes The Difference!

Durability Makes The Difference!

For over 44 years Drake has been building exceptional truck bodies that well exceed the industry standard! We are known for manufacturing the strongest, most durable truck bodies sold anywhere in North America. We offer a  seven year structural warranty, but our customers find they have relied on our truck bodies to last fifteen years!

What Does Durable Mean?

Our truck bodies have 75% more structural aluminum in the frame than any other in the industry. The following are just a few standard features of a DRAKE truck body that not only increase the life of the structure but also eliminate costly downtime!

The Most Structural Aluminum

We have overall 75% more structural aluminum content than any other truck body! 

This focus on durability means from the frame to the sills and bows we've got you covered! 

Strongest Posts in the Industry

Our 2-inch-thick aluminum Zed posts are exclusive to Drake! These high-tensile upright sections have flange reinforcement for unheard of structural strength!  

Largest Rub Rails in the Industry

Extruded specially for Drake, these extra-deep lower rub rails are engineered for:

  • Maximum inside loading space
  • Heavy duty and extruded in one solid piece
  • Lock-in channel for Z-Posts 
  • Extra panel protection strength. 

Heavy Duty Undercarriage

Rugged open box end cross member undercarriage construction, using continuous electronic weld process to main frame assembly, extending full length for integral tie-in points at lower rub-rail and rear frame.

Fuel-Saving Front Corner Post

Another plus feature found in Drake Truck Bodies is the fuel-saving 45 degree angle front post designated to ward off direct blows and cut down wind resistance. Snap-lock construction allows the sides and front to be self-aligning and ensures watertightness. 

Sleek and Seamless Design

We produce sleek, seamless panels on our truck bodies without the use of plastic corner caps. 

This makes Drake not only the clear choice when it comes to quality, but also in terms of the perfect canvas for your promotional needs! 

One-Piece Roof

Entire perimeter of roof sheet capped with extra aluminum strip to give greater bearing strength at rivet points, cambered to form one-piece crowned roof rendered fatigue proof, sealed, crimped and riveted outside cargo area. Heavy-duty top hat roof bow extrusions. 

Top Corner Protection

Recessed roof-rail channel protects and carried both the running lights and external wiring. Rugged aluminum castings from a solid jointing with side and front roof rails, ensuring watertightness. 

Superior Standards!

Unmatched 2 inch thick aluminum wall ZED posts!

Wall posts located on 16 centers.

2 inch thick aluminum roof bows.

Structural steel 4 inch C-channel long sills to chassis.

Steel plated long sills in the front and rear.

Structural steel 3 inch C-channel cross sills on 12 inch with gussets.

Cross sills are padded to eliminate oxidization of side rails.

Stainless steel 3/8" bolts on side wall rub rail to cross sills.

Stainless steel rear frame reinforced for tandem/fork lift.

4 inch steel tubing dockwallopper & heavy duty full loop step bumper.

Dome light & switch in the rear of the body.

Easy access C.M.V.S.S./F.M.V.S.S. approved L.E.D. clearance lights.

One pair of DRAKE mud flaps supplied for the life of the body. 

Our Full Structural Warranty!

"Drake is always willing to work with us. We expect these boxes to last 15 years."
- Ty MacDonald
Amalgamated Dairies Ltd