7 year warranty



Our Limited Structural Warranty applies to the first purchaser of the equipment only. 

Truck Bodies

7-year limited structural warranty from date of manufacture on truck bodies made after 2012 according to Drake standard aluminum specifications.

Manufactured Components

Components manufactured by Drake (such as swing doors) have a 2-year warranty.

Drake Floor Lift

1-year on parts and labor of structure. Components (pumps, cylinders, switches, etc.) have component supplier's warranty.

Lights & Electrical

Lights and electrical have a 90 day warranty period for the customer to detect and report any possible issues.

Components and third party 

(lift gates, roll-up doors, suspensions, axles, air bags, etc.)

Warranty for components on bodies and trailers lies with the manufacturer of the particular component, not Drake Truck Bodies. Warranty claims on components must be made directly from the customer to the component manufacturer.

Warranty repairs performed by a third party become warrantied by the third party's warranty policy, not Drake.

Drake does give a 90-day installation warranty for components installed by our company.


Drake will warranty service and workmanship for 90-days.


Custom paint jobs are not warrantied due to the many variables of paint.

Drake warranty does not cover normal wear, maintenance or adjustments, damage or malfunction caused by improper handling, installation, abuse, misuse, negligence, improper maintenance, or carelessness of operation. The warranty applies to equipment that has been properly maintained, that is used in normal service, and that is free from accident or collision.  In addition, this warranty does not cover equipment that has had unauthorized modifications or alterations made to the product. Cosmetic items are not covered. Structural integrity within the warranty period is covered only. Drake is not responsible for personal injury caused by operating any product sold by Drake.  

Warranty does not cover corrosion damage caused specifically by the introduction of chemical compounds that have detrimental effects to the metal structures.  These compounds typically include acids, caustics, brighteners, chlorides, salt water, beverages, and the like.  Some cleaning solutions may contain these items and should not be used.

Failed parts must be returned to Drake for inspection before warranty can be issued.  Freight of parts is the responsibility of the customer.  Warranty claims must be made by contacting Drake for approval before work is done; otherwise Drake will not cover work.  Photos of warranty issue should be provided with initial claim for approval whenever possible.

Warranty repairs must be approved by Drake Truck Bodies prior to being done and be performed at a facility approved by Drake Truck Bodies.

Claims must include, in writing, serial number of unit and detail description of claim. Claims must be received within 30 days.

Drake Truck Bodies is not responsible for customer's cost of renting vehicles, lost product, or damaged product, as a result of late delivery, downtime or operating expenses for warranty or service repair. Returned products are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Warranty only applies to items that 'have failed' and not to items that the customer suspects 'may fail' and not to cosmetic items. Drake Truck Bodies is not responsible for damaged cargo of any kind including leaks, etc.. Leaks will be repaired if reported within 90 days of purchase. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the completed vehicle meets government regulations and is safe to operate.

Drake Truck Bodies is not responsible for any bodily injury resulting from the use of its products or vehicle's using its products and services. Warranty is not offered until the product is paid in full.

Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

We registered with Transport Canada as a manufacturer meeting all Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to bear the National Safety Mark.

  • Final Stage - Body and Equipment
  • Intermediate Stage - Body and Equipment
  • Trailer - Cargo [Standard]
  • Trailer - Semi Trailer [Air]
  • Vehicle Alterer - Body and Equipment

NSM Number [F33]

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