Cargo Control

Ensuring a secure method of cargo control within your truck body is paramount to safeguarding against damage during transport.

Surface Mounted Cargo Track

Cargo Track is adaptable for mounting on both our Kemlite and plywood interior linings. With secure fastenings strategically placed every twelve inches, these tracks are designed to withstand substantial tension during regular use.

Recessed E-Track

Plywood interiors can be precision-notched to ensure that the edges of the E-Track are seamlessly covered by the corresponding edges of the plywood lining. This meticulous integration results in a flush surface alignment between the Track and the plywood, facilitating the ability to securely slot hooks deeper into the track with ample free space behind for enhanced functionality.

Multi-Temp Interiors

With Drake's tailored Multi-Temp Interiors, your refrigerated box is equipped with strategically integrated mounting slots in the interior lining. This allows for the seamless installation of bulkheads, creating a versatile split temperature environment within the same unit. For example, one section of the box can be designated for frozen foods while another maintains optimal conditions for fresh foods.

Benefiting from over 40 years of expertise, Drake specializes in customizing evaporator locations, collaborating with Reefer installers, and designing refrigerated boxes that cater specifically to your needs. Trust Drake to leverage its extensive experience to ensure your custom refrigerated unit functions precisely as you require.

Recessed Flat Bar

 A simpler alternative to cargo tracking. 1/4" steel flat bar is installed along the Z-Posts with gaps left above and below for straps to be attached.

"Drake is always willing to work with us. We expect these boxes to last 15 years."
- Ty MacDonald
Amalgamated Dairies Ltd