Rear Doors

Choosing the right door is key to building your perfect truck body. Whether it is easy maneuverability, convenient cargo access, security, strength or superior insulation you are looking for, we have the best solution for you!

All insulated doors have interior welded stud nuts for easy removal. 

Rear frame is stainless steel, reinforced for tandem/fork lift applications.

Cold Saver Insulated Rollup Door

The Whiting Coldsaver Quality roll-up door for temps below 20°F/-7°C

COLDSAVER Door, designed especially for use on trucks carrying goods at extremely low temperatures (below 20°F/-7°C). There are no fasteners or aluminum connectors through the door. You can be completely confident with the Whiting COLDSAVER, for low, low temperature control!

Whiting PremiumPlate Rollup Door- Standard

Introducing the Whiting PremiumPlate Roll-up door—an advanced alternative to plywood. Crafted with polyethylene (PE) composite panels surrounded by prepainted high-tensile strength steel faces, it combines new technology with Whiting's renowned quality.

Swinging Barn Doors

Individually crafted and assembled by our dedicated team of in-house experts, Drake's Barn Style doors epitomize both customization and quality, mirroring the excellence seen in our side doors.

Designed to seamlessly accommodate dry or insulated linings, our Barn Doors are tailored to harmonize with every interior detail. Unlike rollup doors that compromise overhead space, Drake's Barn Doors empower you to load items up to ceiling height without any interference.

Key features of our Barn doors include:

  • A robust 100% welded 2" aluminum extrusion frame

  • Precisely installed buck rivets for enhanced durability

  • Each door is equipped with three stainless steel hinges, ensuring steadfast performance.

  • All stainless steel hardware. 

Three Piece Swinging Doors

Our in-house team meticulously handcraft our 3-piece barn doors, incorporating high-quality stainless-steel hardware. These doors seamlessly amalgamate the functionality of full barn doors and narrow swing doors, showcasing exceptional compatibility with insulated or dry freight applications for optimal performance in rigorous day-to-day freight handling.

Key features of our 3-piece Barn doors comprise:

  • A robust 100% welded 2" aluminum extrusion frame

  • Precision-installed buck rivets for heightened durability

  • Each door is equipped with three stainless steel hinges, ensuring unwavering performance.

The confluence of functionality, craftsmanship, and versatility distinguishes Drake's Barn Style doors, presenting an unparalleled solution to meet your freight handling requirements.

"Drake is always willing to work with us. We expect these boxes to last 15 years."
- Ty MacDonald
Amalgamated Dairies Ltd