Scuff Plates

In the demanding world of cargo loading and unloading, where wear and tear take their toll, a scuff plate is an indispensable safeguard to protect your truck body's interior lining.

Poly Plastic Scuff Boards

Introducing our Plastic Poly Scuff Boards—vital protection for the lower box walls. Standing at twelve inches high, these durable sheets resist transit wear and are easily repaired with basic tools. Their caulked upper edge forms a sealed barrier against moisture and dirt, acting as a reliable shield against pallet-induced damage. Stackable for extended coverage, invest in the durability of our Scuff Boards to safeguard your cargo and prolong your box's lifespan.

Aluminum Scuff Plate

This Aluminum Scuff Plate starts with an L shaped piece that sits in the corner of the wall and floor. The portion sitting on the aluminum floor is welded in place to create a perfect water seal in the base of the box.

  • Extensions can be set in the top of the piece to make it run up the wall as far as you might require.

  • Designed to pair with our aluminum reefer floor

A Perfect Pair!

Checker Plate

Elevate your selection with our robust and fully customizable Heavy-Duty Checker Plate Flooring, offering a variety of options to enhance your experience. Opt for the option of having the edges of the floor sheets expertly bent upward along the walls, creating a seamless and polished corner that spans the entire length of the box. Our commitment to precision is evident in the secure installation of wall sections using screws, with an added layer of assurance—a meticulous welding process to ensure a flawless water seal.

"We wanted a tough trailer that would last... and that's what we got!"
- Tony Boek
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