Drake truck body roofs are built to have exceptional strength, unwavering durability, and meticulous craftsmanship.

  • All roofs are crowned so that snow will be able to run off the sides.
  • The surface is designed to be one piece to reduce wear and tear leaks.
  • Heavy duty "Top Hat" style roof bows resulting in a lighter, stronger structure.

Aluminum Roof

This roofing solution stands as an industry standard for good reasons. It features a single solid piece of aluminum sheeting, complemented by an external J-capping for edge protection, showcasing excellent compatibility with Drake's sprayed insulation.

Enhanced by 2" aluminum roof bows with a 1 5/8" arch to facilitate water and snow runoff, this combination provides unmatched insulation for your box interior. Trust in the synergy of these elements for superior performance and climate control.

Translucent Roof Skin

Drakes Translucent roof skin is one seamless piece. This semi-see-through material allows outside light to work its way into the box. It is lightweight and highly resistant to the elements.

"Drake is always willing to work with us. We expect these boxes to last 15 years."
- Ty MacDonald
Amalgamated Dairies Ltd