Exterior Walls

When it comes to box structure options, Drake Truck Bodies truly shines with unparalleled strength, setting a benchmark unmatched in the industry.

Pre-painted Aluminum Exterior

Our pre-painted (white) .040 gauge exterior aluminum sheet panels brace between the upper and lower rail.

Our Aluminum Exteriors are supported by our exclusive 2" thick aluminum Z-posts. These posts are the strongest and thickest in the industry.Located on 16 centers these sheets can be secured using either specialized aluminum glue , or pre-white aluminum rivets.

Interior Options...

FRP Wall Sheets

Discover the advantages of Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) for your projects!

Maximized Space With only one layer needed, FRP creates more interior space within the box.

Resilience Under Pressure Combining the flexibility of plywood with the toughness of fiberglass, FRP sheets offer a scratch-resistant surface that maintains strength even under pressure.

Flawless Exterior Experience unparalleled advertising space with an FRP exterior. Its seamless, solid sheet surface provides a perfect canvas for decals of any size, free from the interruptions of seams found in other styles.

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"Drake is always willing to work with us. We expect these boxes to last 15 years."
- Ty MacDonald
Amalgamated Dairies Ltd