Interior Lining

When it comes to selecting the perfect interior lining for your truck body, rest assured that regardless of your choice, durability is always guaranteed. Our truck bodies are built to withstand the test of time!

Plywood Lining

Explore the advantages of our Plywood Lining, an excellent choice for dry freight interiors. Providing a robust foundation for wall-mounted equipment, it offers cost-effective and straightforward repairs in case of damage, while also presenting an aesthetically pleasing finish.

We utilize 3/8" sanded fir plywood liner for the sides of our truck bodies, ensuring durability and reliability. The front wall is reinforced with a thicker 3/4" plywood lining. Additionally, to enhance the overall integrity, all interior aluminum panel seams are meticulously caulked before being adorned with plywood lining, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing interior. Choose Plywood Lining for a combination of strength, versatility, and a polished appearance.

Kemlite Lining

Kemlite is a versatile fiberglass sheet meticulously cut from expansive rolls to seamlessly cover walls and ceilings in a single, expansive piece. Engineered to create an impeccable moisture seal for refrigerated units, Kemlite is ideally installed on upright strapping and wall insulation. Despite its thin profile, Kemlite exhibits exceptional strength when mounted on the appropriate surface. To ensure a flawless water seal, seams between wall and ceiling sheets are expertly concealed with formed plastic trim and caulking, enhancing the performance and aesthetics of your unit. Elevate your refrigerated space with the reliability of Kemlite.

Unlined FRP Interior

When FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) is used to build the box structure it requires no support beams lining its interior. This means that the inside space of the box can be maximized thanks to the lack of beams. 

The strength of FRP allows any interior lining to be mounted to it with appropriate materials.

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