Discover a variety of robust and reliable flooring choices for your truck body. Our selection of options are designed for heavy-duty use and long-lasting performance!

Hardwood Floors

Experience the rugged versatility of Drake's hardwood floors for our dry freight boxes. Our sanded and sealed surface resists moisture and wear, allowing for cost-effective repairs by replacing damaged boards and recoating again with linseed oil. The 1 1/2" oak shiplap flooring, designed for durability, provides a sturdy foundation. Drake's hardwood floors are further protected with sealed Meranti board sheets underneath, ensuring longevity in the dynamic and dry transport sectors. Discover reliability and durability with Drake's hardwood floors.

Aluminum Reefer Flooring

Drake's aluminum reefer floors are comprised of full, box-length, floorboards that interlock at the edges. 

Safety In Mind

The "Inverted-T" board style allows water to run freely in grooves while notched ridges keep friction in the floor for safe working conditions.

Seamless Adherence to the Kickplate

These floors can be seamlessly welded to aluminum kick plates that can run up the walls to any height you may desire.

Keeping it Cool 

The floor seams are caulked using heat resistant adhesives to keep the temperature down. Drain holes can be installed throughout the box to keep loads dry as well as cold.

Works Well With...

Steel/Aluminum Checker Plated Floorboards

 If the aluminum floorboards aren't your speed we happily offer form fitting checker flooring in Aluminum, Steel, or Stainless Steel.

    These sheets are welded together at all seams. Screws used to secure the flooring sheets are welded over as well to totally seal the unit from outside elements.

    These sheets can have an angle bent into them so the run directly up the wall as a one piece scuff board and floor. These floors can be coated with epoxy or paints to secure the surface even further.

"We wanted a tough trailer that would last... and that's what we got!"
- Tony Boek
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