Reefer Access

Accessing the reefer on a refrigerated unit can often be a challenging task, but at Drake, we offer solutions to make it a breeze!

Folding Steps

Discover our versatile and durable folding reefer access steps, adjustable to meet the preferences of your drivers. Mounted on robust, spring-locked brackets, these steps can be easily folded out of the way during transit or parking, minimizing the risk of potential injuries. Prioritize safety and convenience with our innovative step solutions.

Aluminum reefer access ladders

Our meticulously crafted welded aluminum ladder is custom-built for durability, seamlessly fitting within the box's footprint without obstructing a driver's mirror view. Similar to our folding steps, these aluminum ladders can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, including adjustments to the width, height of steps, and the gauge used in their construction.

Reefer Catwalks

Crafted in-house using durable materials, our aluminum catwalks are an add on feature for all units designed to accommodate a reefer. These robust catwalks provide convenient access for easy maintenance to the cooling unit on the box, custom-built to the specifications required for the reefer intended for installation on your unit.

"Drake is always willing to work with us. We expect these boxes to last 15 years."
- Ty MacDonald
Amalgamated Dairies Ltd