Side Doors

Side doors can be adapted to any desired box environment. A side door on an insulated unit, for example, would still receive insulation and interior lining as well as weather stripping to maintain the temperature seal. Cargo controls can be mounted on side doors as well so that they do not interfere with the interior organization.

Swing Side Door

Discover the quality of Drake's custom-built all-aluminum side doors, designed for enhanced versatility in various industries. These swinging side doors are easy to install and maintain, featuring a 100% welded 2" aluminum extrusion frame, buck rivets for added durability, 3 stainless steel hinges per door, a standard exterior stainless-steel lock, and interior welded stud nuts for easy removal on insulated doors. Experience the convenience and robust construction that Drake's side doors offer to meet your trucking needs seamlessly.

"We wanted a tough trailer that would last... and that's what we got!"
- Tony Boek
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